Casefile Presents is a brand new podcasting platform created by global podcast sensation Casefile True Crime, whose catalogue has had over 200 million downloads worldwide. We aim to create a space for existing podcasts to reach a wider audience while providing a platform for new podcast projects and talent to voice their stories.

Casefile was created in 2016 by an anonymous host who had no experience in the podcasting industry. After sustaining an injury that left him with plenty of spare time to fill, he decided to combine his interest in true crime with his fascination with podcasting. The result was Casefile True Crime, unforgettable true crime stories that delve deep into the crimes, investigations, and trials of solved and cold cases from across the world.

What began as a novice experiment soon grew into a professionally produced podcast with over one million downloads globally per episode. As the podcast grew in popularity, the host was able to add new members to the team and the Casefile family now includes a producer, designer, writers, researchers, a composer and social media coordinator.

Understanding that you don’t need to be experienced in media, production or the entertainment industry to create a worldwide podcast hit, Casefile’s host is passionate about helping others break into the exciting world of podcasting, regardless of skill level. Casefile Presents stemmed from the idea that everyone has a story to tell and we are here to help you tell it.


Do you need help promoting your existing podcast? Or have a great idea for a new podcast but don’t know where to start? Whatever your story, Casefile Presents would love to hear it. Submit your podcast here to see how we could help.