Crime Interrupted

Organised crime, terrorist threats, child exploitation and human trafficking: these are some of the most serious offences that a person can commit. In Australia, these crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Police, also known as the AFP. 

An all-new show by the team at Casefile delves into some of the biggest and most challenging cases that the AFP has ever investigated. Crime Interrupted is a six-episode series that’s narrated by the Casefile host and features in-depth interviews with the officers who solved these crimes. Hear how the AFP captured an online sex offender who was preying on children, the story of a human trafficking syndicate the agency successfully disrupted, and many more complex and challenging operations.

For the first time, the AFP is opening its doors to give you a glimpse of how their officers investigate the most serious of crimes and stay one step ahead, to keep Australia safe.

Season 1

Operation Kitrino

In Operation Kitrino, the AFP investigated a well-established human trafficking syndicate operating within the brothel industry in Melbourne. It took months to locate the syndicate head who was targeting mostly Korean women who found themselves quickly trapped in debt bondage and had no escape. Lured by the opportunity to clear their debt… but at what cost?

Operation Boone

Operation Boone details the AFP investigation that brought down an offender who created websites to sell stolen usernames and passwords to access multiple online subscriber services. Unsuspecting, law-abiding citizens suddenly found their services could be hacked and accessed illegally.

Operation Streambank

When South Australian farmer Des fell in love with ‘Natacha’ in an online romance scam, he travelled more than 8,000 km to West Africa, facing danger from the moment he arrived. In Operation Streambank we learn how the AFP worked with international partners to get Des back to Australia safely.

Operation Ascalon

When the AFP was made aware of a sadistic online offender targeting one teenage boy and threatening blackmail, Operation Ascalon kicked into gear. The investigators uncovered a disturbing pattern of behaviour by the offender that quickly lured over a hundred unsuspecting young victims. 

Operation Okesi

Operation Okesi ran for more than two years. The AFP adopted a multi-agency approach to seize hundreds of kilograms of cocaine with an estimated street value of $360 million.

Operation Middleham

In Operation Middleham, counter-terrorism officers arrested five men in Northern Queensland before they were able to travel overseas to join the Islamic State group and engage in hostile activities.

Season 2

Operation Kastelholm

When four young men began planning a terrorist attack in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the Joint Counter Terrorism Team had just days to avert it. 

Operation Caulis

When the Australian Education Department noticed huge fortnightly claims for childcare under their fully-subsidised grandparent scheme, they suspected fraud and called in the AFP. The scheme they uncovered was beyond belief. 

Operation Blare

When the AFP got intel on a case of foreign bribery, it wasn’t historic as they usually were; it was happening right then. Operation Blare was formed to stop it and send a message to Australian businesses – pay bribes at your own risk.

Operation Boscobel

When the AFP joined a multi-agency taskforce to investigate security and vulnerabilities on the waterfront, they had no idea they would discover a huge national fraud. Operation Boscobel investigators were there to document it all. A dedicated team put together literally a truck-load of evidence.

Operation Birks

An urgent cybersecurity fraud case landed on the desk of AFP investigators; a syndicate was stealing money from Australian superannuation accounts. In a race against time to stop millions of dollars in theft, the team had to unravel a web of false accounts to catch the surprisingly young culprit.

Operation Collage

When intel was received that a boat with nearly half a tonne of cocaine was headed toward Australian waters, the AFP, Customs, and state police monitored the journey and the transference of drugs to a smaller vessel. What followed was a perilous five-day boat chase through the high seas.


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