In the Shadows

In The Shadows delves into a riveting unsolved mystery from 1991. When the body of a young woman is discovered by two terrified boys in the desert near Bakersfield, California, authorities quickly target her popular star-athlete boyfriend.

The case – one of the most controversial in Kern County’s history – quickly drew national media attention and the ensuing trials divided the community and sparked a heated debate. Despite that, the perpetrator of this horrific crime remained unpunished. 32 years after the murder, a fresh investigation conducted by this podcast takes an unexpected turn when several individuals reveal shocking information previously unknown by authorities and the public alike.

Follow the Facebook page created by Maria’s niece.

Sign the petition urging the DA’s Office to pursue justice for Maria.

The last yearbook photo of Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez in one of the few existing photos of her

Maricza Hinnah and her mother, Marisol Stevenson

Maria’s niece, Maricza Hinnah, was only 3 when her aunt was murdered. Maricza has made it her mission to find justice for Maria and to fight domestic abuse

Maria sitting next to her aunt, Luz

The backyard fence and gate from where Maria exited her house the day she was killed

A view of the nearby Rodriguez park from Maria’s back yard. That was where Maria headed to, supposedly to meet with Offord Rollins, and the last place Maria was seen alive

An old photo of Victor Perez

A photo of Victor Perez and Maricza Hinnah taken at a shopping mall photo booth. Maricza was 14 and that was the last time she saw her biological father

The new tombstone Marisol and Maricza chose for Maria once they discovered that Victor Perez had picked the original one


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