Silent waves

Silent Waves is a seven-part podcast series that tells the true story of 25-year-old Raquel O’Brien, as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a father with a dark secret. To do so, she has raw, brutally honest and open conversations with her family about the cataclysmic circumstances of their story for the first time… and all on tape.

What emerges is a larger story as her previously fractured family, emboldened by their interviews, finds the freedom to confront their conflicting versions of the events and reconcile with the past and each other.

After a deeply traumatic childhood, Raquel is passionate about using storytelling as a means to deconstruct societal taboos. Her podcast is an attempt to address and heal the traumas that haunt her family, with a clear message of the power in survivors using their voice to reclaim their stories.

Silent Waves was produced in collaboration with Georgina Savage, a documentary filmmaker and photographer whose work focuses on social justice issues and marginalised communities.

The podcast has now been remastered by the audio team behind Casefile to be re-released on the new Casefile Presents platform to help Raquel’s important story reach more listeners across the world.


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