WHAT’s Missing

What’s Missing is a podcast that explores the wide-reaching, devastating impacts that occur when someone disappears without a trace. Hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, the founder and CEO of The Missed Foundation (formerly known as MPAN – Missing Persons Advocacy Network), the series features interviews with family members and loved ones of missing Australians, going beyond the headlines to provide a deep, unflinching insight into their searches and struggles.

No one’s ever prepared to have a loved one suddenly vanish, but it happens to all sorts of people, for all kinds of reasons. It’s a frantic situation for everyone left behind and time is of the essence, so families often want to spread awareness as far and wide as possible. Media opportunities are highly coveted, but usually limited to a few vital statistics – and a loved one is so much more than their height, date of birth, or what they were wearing.

The first season of What’s Missing shares the stories of eight missing Australians and provides a space for impacted family members to discuss their experiences, broadening the narrative beyond the details of the disappearance and search. This series will be the first time members of this extensive – but forgotten – community will feel seen, heard and understood. It is the podcast that every family of a missing person needs you to hear.


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